Monday, March 23, 2015

PI Update: More Steak

Blog Reader Dan B shares with us this link to a construction permit filed last week in Orange County by The ONE Group.  This is for the STK Orlando restaurant going in to Pad C17 on Pleasure Island.
Pad C17 appears to be this railroad depot building in front that houses restrooms, with another building behind it that presumably will house STK Orlando.  The company's website displays a map with a dot for Orlando so we know this is coming.  Supposedly the restaurant/ultra lounge will have an outdoor rooftop for dining and drinking overlooking the Springs.  Such a location does not currently exist so that must be one of the things yet to be constructed.  We'll keep you updated.


Jeff - Gainesville said...

Notice also that the map includes lot 23 "below". Interesting.

Anonymous said...

well "23" always has existed, the old PI offices were in that location. It may not really mean anything, or it might.

Personally, knowing the space down there, it wasn't really suited for any major amounts of people to walk thru or be used in any fashion beyond cubicles and offices and a considerable amount of work would have to go in to make it ADA accessible. It did have a kitchen and THAT part could easily be used to cook for the old BET or Adventures Club locations.

Which leads me to think, that "the tunnels" is more of a restaurant concept that is not truly "Under" PI as you would think of it, but rather a reuse of the BET or Ad Club building in combo with that kitchen space.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the bathrooms are at C20 and the STK Restaurant hasn't been built yet.

KingBob said...

>Maybe the bathrooms are at C20 and the STK Restaurant hasn't been built yet.

I tested out this possibility when I was at PI this afternoon. And I think you may be right. Directly across from BET Soundstage is where STK is going.....and there's nothing there yet. In other words, it appears that STK has yet to be built. The bathrooms are directly across from AC.