Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Club Report: Hyde Park Cafe (Tampa)

Over in the Tampa Bay area on business and looking for some EDM on a Tuesday night.  Found it at Hyde Park Cafe for their "Jacks House" service industry night.
Prior to 11PM, only their outdoor biergarten is open and featured this singer on the small stage.  He ended his set with "The Thong Song" and "Roxanne".  Pretty decent!
The garden is set in the middle of the complex with two indoor dance clubs on either side of it.  One club is called Wally & Bernies Nightclub and the other is called Velociti.
Right at 11PM both clubs open pronto.  At WB's, found resident DJ Jask already on the boards spinning House and Deep House!
More of an underground feel to this club, it has a large bar to serve guests but no special lighting features that I noticed.
But I wasn't complaining as the non-commercial House music was top notch!
Meanwhile in Velociti, resident DJ Gravity was in the booth delivering more of a commercial House mix.
This club is larger with a long dance floor as well as a bar to match it....and a shiny disco ball!
These girls didn't need any drinks to get started; walked right in and began dancing!
This room has all the lighting effects including a cool laser!
DJ's such as Icey, Tony Faline, KMFX, AgentK & Bella and Phat Kidz have played here.  I couldn't stay late on a school night but prior to midnight the dance floor in here was already filling up!
A good time was had by all.....on a Tuesday night!

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