Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Breaking News: Why Not Lounge Has Closed

The Legendary Why Not Lounge in Altamonte Springs has closed according to a new posting on the club's Facebook page!  I just had taken the picture above earlier this week when I dropped by to pick up a flyer showing their February lineup.  A live band playing Disco on the 20th had me intrigued.
The Why Not? Lounge has been an institution for decades; their Thursday night Ladies Night truly legendary. Currently located in the Howard Johnson's Plaza Hotel, this was originally the Holiday Inn - Altamonte Springs.  When I first moved to Florida from Illinois unemployed, this hotel was my job hunting operations base from which I fanned out daily to interviews.  Hotel invitations to free happy hours and of course Ladies Nights, all in the Why Not?, are fond memories!  Hopefully someone will reopen it!


Ken said...

I used to visit the Why Not Lounge as far back as the mid 1980s before they spent a lot of money renovating the place. They had loyal bartenders and waitresses who worked there for years.

Unknown said...

I to used to go there on those Thursday nights & it was a matured lady's club at the time & the dj there used to play at Bowties in the Hilton hotel acrossed the highway there in Altamont springs back in the days.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Disney bought it so something more exciting will take its place (like a sun glass shop).