Thursday, December 11, 2014

PI Update: What About That Revolving Floor?

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE  We all now know that Mannequins Dance Palace is to be converted into a restaurant called Morimoto Asia.  Concept art recently released shows what the interior is going to look like.  But what happened or will happen to our beloved revolving dance floor?
Sources down on the Island tell Save Pleasure Island Blog that the revolving dance floor is still there and will remain there.  Supposedly the floor is so large and impractical to remove that taking it out and all the mechanical equipment with it would create a huge hole that they'd then have to contend with.
So we're told the plan is to leave the floor in place and cover it and the entire restaurant with new flooring.  I know there are several of you who insist that the floor was removed years ago but the two photos above were among many provided to the Blog and published in August, 2013 with the floor intact.  Our Island monitors and roving reporters have seen those metal pillars and mannequins removed over the past several months but have never seen the floor taken out.  So we're told it's still there and that it's going to stay there, covered.


Anonymous said...

There was an offer at one time, from someone to come in and remove the floor for use in another club... don't know why it ever happened... it would be ideal to move it to a club in vegas.

Jeff - Gainesville said...

Encapsulated forever in the tomb of "progress". Disney should have though of that one: Come ride the TOMB OF PROGRESS.....

Anonymous said...

I will still say there is NO way to prove 100% when these pics are taken? could be ANYTIME from closing night until today?
I will say again! people BUY the weirdest things! and will PAY anything to get these things!
LOOK Disney up for sale!
and to prove this
BUT nobody would BUY anything like this OR a round dance floor out of Mannequins! again SOMEONE could have bought it moved it IF they really wanted!
now can not remember who said this could NEVER happen but it could have!
SO never say it could not happen as a MONORAIL sold and been moved!

Anonymous said...

It HAS NOT BEEN SOLD.. jesus.. for the last time. You don't think people who read or comment here work for the company and may be inside the building daily?

FN said...

The revolving floor IS still there and will be restored, but it will be used for another high and noble purpose. It will be cleverly concealed and used to drive a complex system of belts and conveyors to serve sushi dishes around the restaurant. This is a fact. After all, it's an ASIAN restaurant, helloooooo....!!! :)

KingBob said...

Anon at 10:33am, it probably never happened because management could never make up their mind about what they were going to do with the place.

Jeff: Most tombs eventually reopen.

Anon at 12:00pm, the person providing the Mannequins pics also provided 8TRAX pics which showed fresh construction inside. So I'm confident that Mannequins floor was still in there in 2013 and my sources now say the floor is still in there. Different sources.

Anon at 2:57pm, those are our sources.

FN, love it!

Anonymous said...

anon @ 2:57
do me favor go read what I wrote again show me WHERE I said it was sold or moved out? Before you make RUDE statements!
Again you can claim anything you want! I can claim I work there without proof! But I will not make this claim!
So be well!
What I said is it is not impossible for it to be sold and moved! Like others said if you go to the links I posted you will see that a monorail was sold and moved FAR away.
I do out understand why you "seam" to be upset what I said? Please go read it again

Anonymous said...

I miss the club too guys but it's a floor...gone or still there it's a floor. Calm down!

Anonymous said...

I am calm! just saying I do not understand December 11, 2014 at 2:57 PM! issue?

Anonymous said...

Dude your punctuation is absolutely jarring. Enough? Already!