Tuesday, December 9, 2014

PI Update: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

PLANES: Latest construction view of The Hangar bar, going up on Pleasure Island at the Hub.
Another view of The Hangar, taken from the compass-adorned Hub.
TRAINS: We've been intrigued by the railroad theme taking place at Disney Springs.  Here's a nice SkyCam view of the locomotive turntable built into West End Plaza.  The tracks "end" here but that track on the right comes from the direction of the West Side and specifically the No. 4 Bridge.
So that begs the question, why does the former track location atop the high line curve away from the bridge?
Presumably that former railroad track atop the high line would have curved the track onto the No. 4 Bridge, not away from it.  I realize that bridge may get repositioned but it still doesn't look to line-up with the high line.
& AUTOMOBILES:  A look at the now-open West Garage aka Orange Garage.
Construction is still taking place on the top deck.
The western half has less clutter but also is unopened to guests. Pillars will carry ramps over Buena Vista Drive.
The access building remains a work in progress too.
And because nothing gets car park fans more excited than ramps.....
We give you pictures of two (count 'em, 2) down ramps!


Ken said...

What are the parking garage rates?

Anonymous said...


KingBob said...

Yes Ken, the DTD garage is absolutely free.

Anonymous said...

Understandably all the construction in the area is making traffic temporarily worse, but I sure hope the ingress/egress for the garage winds up being very different than it is now. On Monday it was an absolute mess getting in or out the two poorly designed roads in either side of the facility.