Saturday, December 27, 2014

PI Update: Is The Edison Moving Into Adventurers Club?

Adventurers Club on this cloudy winter morning.  Will it become Orlando's home to Los Angeles-based The Edison?
No apparent work has taken place inside yet but outside we see that the head has been chopped-off the entryway statue. Twenty year ancient curse to the dude that did that.  Keep in mind that this level of AC is actually the upstairs of the 2-story building.

The look during happier times.
Concept art for the future facade of the building shows two looks.  The main section of the building to the right (east) shows red brick along with a smokestack, very reminiscent of a former power plant of which The Edison in Los Angeles actually is built in.  To the center, the glass and brass gives that section a very art nouveau look. That is where an outdoor staircase led down to AC's lower level as well as to the offices beneath West End Plaza.  So we expect that to be a separate entity from The Edison.

Not likely that these stairs, seen here in this file photo, would be removed.

And it looks like The Edison's smokestack will stand roughly where AC's tower stood.
With a completely different look than The Edison, that might be the entrance to The Tunnels.  But what are The Tunnels?  We don't know yet but people are speculating that it's some type of adult nightlife district.  Barbara Jacobs is the Chief Operating Officer of The Edison and Kinetscape, a curiosity shop in Los Angeles.  On her Linkedin page here, we see she states:
I have owned a special events production company for twenty years and I am COO of Kinetescape Inc. Our holdings include the Edison Los Angeles, the Edison Orlando, the Tunnels, Orlando, Clifton's, Kinetescape Couriosities.
Adventurers Club and BET Soundstage are one building even though they were designed as separate clubs.  So we don't know if the Soundstage section will be related to what goes into the AC section or whether it will be a third venue.  From the waterside here, you can see the 2-level nature of both former clubs with the upstairs the actual entry level on the opposite side.
We're certain the Adventurers Club is gone. It appears The Edison is going to replace it.
Remaining a mystery for now is the removal of the western service entry to Paradiso 37 and the stairs that were there that ran from Village Lake up to Hill Street.
The stairs used to fit between these two buildings.  They've been blocked off from public use for more than a decade but their removal is intriguing because The Tunnels would be at the rear of this photo view, beneath West End Plaza. Stay tuned!


psbales said...

Dammit, I was still holding out hope for Trader Sam's. Definitely not the Adventurers Club, but at least the same basic idea in spirit.

KingBob said...

Good news: Trader Sam's is going into the Polynesian Village Resort.