Tuesday, December 2, 2014

PI Update: Exclusive Island Views

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE  Come cross the newly reopened No. 4 Bridge from the West Side to beautiful Pleasure Island.  We've been given some new concept art which we believe has not been published elsewhere before.  Behold the former West End Plaza.
This art shows that the BET Soundstage building will be given an Art Deco look while the Adventurers Club building becomes a former factory complete with smokestack.  Both supposedly are becoming restaurants.  The reddish-brown building on the right is allegedly the new upscale steakhouse restaurant built approximately where Comedy Warehouse and Laffers Cantina used to stand.
The former BET Soundstage is currently behind construction walls.  Notice the new street lamps that decorate Hill Street all the way down the hill.
The former Adventurers Club currently behind construction walls.
And the new steakhouse, built to look like an older railroad passenger depot.
The railroad locomotive turntable, embedded into the new brick pavement on the Plaza.
Leaked construction blueprints more than a year ago described Adventurers Club as a "cafeteria" and the drawing showed a steam locomotive coming out the front of the building.  This latest concept art does not display that locomotive.

 Now this one has been published on the Blog previously. Concept art piece is posted at The Hub on the Island.
There were always stairs beside Comedy Warehouse that led to the Island's lower level.  Those were blocked to guests even before PI clubs closed and was used only for castmembers to access the employee offices and snack bar beneath West End Plaza.  This what that lower area looks like currently.
Another view of the same area.
This is what it will look like down there. To get your bearings, that's the No. 4 Bridge to the upper left, West End Plaza upper center and the rear of the train station steakhouse to the upper right.
Another view.  Maps show the former CM-only No. 3 Bridge open to guests crossing from the new Town Center to the Island as well as a brand new bridge crossing from the Planet Hollywood area.  Both those bridges will connect near here to the Island's lower level along the Springs.
This new concept art gives us a bird's eye view of the new Waterview Park and Stage, The Boathouse restaurant to the right and the Hangar bar upper left.  Notice that as we reported yesterday, the PI water taxi dock no longer connects to the Island here.  Also notice the compass design on the pavement at the Hub.

 And at the Hub, we see that it is indeed there.
New concept art of the Lily Pad area in front of Fulton's and Portobello Country Italian Trattoria with the "Motion Corridor" leading back to The Boathouse.
That corner area along the Motion Corridor is still under construction.
And this new concept art shows what it will look like once completed.  It also looks like the area to the left between the Springs and Raglan Road will ultimately reopen to pedestrians.  Thursday the Blog has some new concept art from Town Center.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.

Everything looks very nice to me except for: the concept art no-longer showing Fulton's with it's smoke stacks replaced and the new design for the Soundstage Club building.

strangeling said...

If I were to hazard a guess, I'm thinking that the Edison might be going into the former Adventurer's Club. Their C.O.O. now lists "The Edison Orlando" as part of their corporate holdings on their LinkedIn page, and the existing Edison in Los Angeles is housed in a former factory/power plant..... just a thought! Personally it'd be my top choice to replace the AC.

Brian said...

UH funny the TRAIN thing! Mannequins legend was "MAXWELL'S Demon" Mannequins was a OLD train turn table! (as in why the clear part of the floor was) to show how the OLD tracks went
OR as it said ON the Plaque out side the Mannequins Building "a huge locomotive powered by a combination of steam and magnetic power. A colossal turntable was installed to facilitate the work on this revolutionary product, called Maxwell's Demon, that was intended to revolutionize world transportation. It didn't."

71 said...

I agree with Strangeling, Scott Joseph's rumor of the Edison combined with a steam-punkish factory make that the most likely tenant.

KingBob said...

Yup, the revolving dance floor at Mannequins was originally built for a locomotive! And what of that floor? Tuesday on the Blog we'll tell you what happened to it!

71, hopeful the Florida version of The Edison will bring us much needed adult entertainment. And I'm very intrigued with the potential of The Tunnels.