Sunday, December 28, 2014

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Vanity Nightclub, Sandwich Bar

A great winter evening in the low 70's and I started off at personal favorite Independent Bar!
DJ Indie John in the booth playing the Saturday night format of early to mid 80's New Wave!
Good crowd on hand kept the dance floor moderately full.
John says the New Years Eve format will be about 50% Wednesday night Mac & Cheese and 50% Friday (Indie) & Saturday (New Wave)!
Spotted by the dance floor: Another Mannequins crew!  Always great running into MDP friends!
I-Bar is consistently a fun place to hang out!
Next stop Vanity Nightclub, part of the V-Group of clubs that includes Vixen, Vintage & Vyce.
Just back from a 3 week gig in Shanghai, China, DJ Freefall (USA)!
The music House/Dance with just a small crowd on the floor when I arrived.
Taking turns with Disney's DJ Elliot (USA)!  First time I've seen him play since the Pleasure Island Rewind last month.
Dance hit after Dance hit!
And without warning, the dance floor was suddenly jammed!
The lovely Mrs. Freefall joining the boys in the booth!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Last stop was over in Orlando's Milk District, Sandwich Bar.
Just back from his residencies in Bangkok, Thailand, DJ Kimball Collins (USA) taking over the controls from DJ Atnarko!
The music all House!
The small club was packed.....and a bit sauna-like!
You won't want to miss Kimball's return to AAHZ on New Years Day night at The Beacham!  Advance ticket purchase here is highly recommended.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Funkbaby
Spotted dancing: DJ Jerry "The Reverend" Johnson with wife Dana and friend
Spotted by the booth: Former Mannequins DJ Dave Cannalte. He joins Kimball at the AAHZ Decade II event on January 1st!
Spotted on the floor: Promoter Shawn Fenn
Spotted on the dance floor: Blog regular CJ with friend Amy
Spotted by the bar: DJ Pedro Vazquez with friend Christa
Spotted in the booth with Kimball: DJ Carlos Mendoza
Spotted by the exit: Promoter SarahV
Spotted by the speakers: DJ J-Dub with Christina
Kimball would play to 3am and the music, a mix of songs with and without vocals, would keep getting better and better!
A good time was had by all!

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