Wednesday, November 26, 2014

PI Update: Photos From Around The Island

None of these photos today were worthy of an article of their own but together we can show you a few things you may not have seen yet.  This new piece of concept art is posted directly in front of The Boathouse construction site and gives you an idea of what the complex will look like as you approach from Downtown Disney Marketplace via the so-called Motion corridor.
Across from the new Waterview Park, this area remains "seed & mulch".
The is the service corridor that runs between Mannequins and the new shops being built alongside Mannequins.  We had always figured it would allow service and delivery access to the new shops going there as well as lead to Mannequins second level back door which is all the way at the rear.  Interestingly, you can see that a concrete wall is midway down the corridor and there are stairs inside to the right!
You're already aware that the creation of a canal to host the springs of Disney Springs has blocked off the former pedestrian pathway around Raglan Road. What you may not know is that the Hole In The Wall is still open for business but to get to it you you have to enter via Cookes of Dublin and to get to Cookes, you enter from Lily Pad / Portobello side of the Island.  Come out and see it all for yourself!

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