Monday, November 17, 2014

PI Update: Mannequins Three Looks

One of our readers sent in this montage of sign views taken from the No. 2 Bridge.  The Pleasure Island sign atop Mannequins Dance Palace existed throughout the history of the Island dating back to 1989.
The Blog broke the news back in April that the sign had been removed off the building!
And thanks to a reader alert, the Blog was the first last week to break the news that the sign had been replaced with "Springs Bottling Co."!
In other news:  As we reported in a Comment yesterday, the West Garage will open to the public this coming Wednesday, November 20th.  While officially the opening was supposed to occur next year, unofficially they were shooting for opening before the holidays. They did it!


Anonymous said...

You people are very foolish to close down those clubs like you did.
Knowing that after 10:00 pm the adults will want to party.
P.S. How very fortunate we have City Walk to party.

Anonymous said...

"How very fortunate we have City Walk to party."
NOT really! just a somewhat safe place to go!?
NOTHING will ever replace PI! we just have to DEAL with SUB stranded club(s)

Anonymous said...

Just had two friends in from out of state who had one of their dads babysit the kids so they could head to Downtown Disney. They were shocked and disappointed that Mannequins and the other clubs were closed. They were very unhappy with Disney. And they hated the name change to Disney Springs. The first thing they said was they should have left everything alone. It was better before. And THEY were the stroller crowd! They're already talking about going to Universal next year instead.