Saturday, November 22, 2014

Club Reports: Vixen Bar, Sound Bar

Hadn't dropped by Vixen Bar in awhile so that was on my agenda for Friday night.
DJ Knightlife was in the booth playing Dance.  With so many clubs playing various specialty genres of EDM such as Trance, Breaks, Deep House, etc, it was great to just hear some plain commercial Dance music!
Say what!  Large pack of guys on the floor dancing to a David Guetta track!
The long narrow club was moderately busy during my visit.
With this being "Classic Weekend", clubs such as Tier, Vain, Firestone and Ono that go both ways were dedicating themselves to Hip Hop. Not so at Sound Bar where it's always EDM!
Around 12:15am, DJ Simon Baker (GB) taking over from veteran DJ John Debo.
And delivering a strong non-vocal House set!
The club was crowded but not packed like we often see here.
Someone asked me if this was Deep House and I said "no", just House.  But for the life of me I would not be able to put into actual words how to tell the two apart, lol.
Great music at Sound Bar!
But a rather subdued crowd last night lacking the typical whooping and cheering one hears here as the music builds up and drops.  So I can't safely declare this time that a good time was had by all.

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