Sunday, May 4, 2014

Concert Report: DJ Kimball Collins (Sound Bar)

Sound Bar, Orlando's home for non-commercial House music!
Resident DJ John Debo opened the night and delivered just that!
Spotted in the corner, two-thirds of AAHZ!  DJ's Dave Cannalte (Mannequins) along with Kimball Collins getting ready to come on!
The early dance floor already was filling up!
And was already like this just fifteen minutes later!
Freshly arrived from Bangkok, Kimball came on around 12:20am and displayed no signs of jet lag!
And for the next two hours would put on a set of energetic non-vocal House music!
I can't describe it as Deep House nor Tech House, just pure unadulterated House!
The club was packed wall-to-wall!
People were dancing wherever they happened to be, dance floor or not!
Not just for us old-timers, the crowd was a good mix of all ages.
Spotted on the dance floor: Local socialite CJ.
Triple trouble: Devon, CJ & Shawn.
Spotted at the VIP bar: Aubrey

 Enjoying the soulful experience.

Spotted: Joel & Mari (Independent Bar)
Kimball is a resident DJ at KU DÉ TA & QBAR in Bangkok, Thailand.
While the AAHZ Reunion series of annual DJ concerts concluded last summer, sources say Kimball has something else up his sleeve for Orlando this summer so stay tuned!
Power Plus: Collins, Debo & Monsanto
2AM and no one was budging!
The music was just too good!
Visiting with fans!
And a good time was had by all!

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