Saturday, May 17, 2014

Club Reports: Big Daddy's, Saddle Up, Eye Spy, Dive Bar, The Lodge, Backbooth, Sound Bar

Might be a record number of club visits for me last night but you know how dedicated I am about keeping you informed about your options.  So this is all for you!  Happy hour at Winter Park Ale House started the night which then migrated over to Big Daddy's on Corrine Avenue.
Big Daddy's is all about Karaoke every night of the week and DJ Gentleman Jack is the guy who makes it happen!
Their selection list is around 10cm thick so there's just no telling what song is going to come up next!
Some performers are definitely better than others.
Spotted: Sharing a cold one with Kristy, this is the place Santa hangs out during the off-season!
Spotted: Rob goes Country.  No gong was available!
Spotted: Jenn & Angie enjoying the program.
Close to midnight, people were still pouring into the place!
Next stop Saddle Up in downtown Orlando.  It's one of only two Country music bars downtown.
I don't know the DJ's name here but he was playing American Country music during my visit.
With the requisite Country line-dancing taking place on the main dance floor.
Place was packed.  What's up with all these people liking Country music?  I think you ultimately have to blame the parents.
I had to extricate myself from this scene as quickly as I could!
Ahhh, much better was Eye Spy!
DJ Parry on the boards playing mostly EDM bangers during my visit!
Under the stars, Eye Spy was packed!
A payday weekend for many makes a big difference for downtown attendance plus the Cher concert had just ended at Amway Center.
DJ P rocking the house!
First visit ever to Dive Bar.
DJ Mantas (The Other Bar, The Caboose) was in the booth playing Top 40 and Hip Hop.
Place is more for conversation than dancing but there was a small contingent of dancers on the floor in front of the booth!
The Lodge is always a fun place!
With the DJ who refuses to have his picture taken so you have to take it without his knowledge from a distance.
Amid the rustic surroundings, the music is 80's and 90's Top 40 hits!
With people dancing wherever.
Doing the shimmy solo!
More 80's over at Backbooth on Friday nights beginning at 11:59pm!
Still in the booth, DJ Adam Wright!
Two level dance floor.  You're allowed to dance on the stage where live bands perform on many other nights during the week.
Only place in town where you can dance to "Fraggle Rock"!
Most people dance vertically, some choose horizontal!
Had to get in a dose of techno though so last stop close to 2am was Sound Bar.
DJ Renzo Ruiz was pumping out the House & Techno!
The small dance floor was jammed!
All non-vocal dance music.
Ruiz plays here on a semi-regular basis.
And a good time was had by all!

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