Saturday, April 5, 2014

DTD Update: Construction Moving Quickly

The Pleasure Island sign at the No. 2 Bridge near Mannequins is still brightly lit each night and brings back a flood of memories!
And the crowd still lines-up each night waiting for Mannequins to open!
Land clearing continues along the Waterfront near Planet Hollywood.  Interestingly, the 3/20/14 edition of the Downtown Disney Guidemap no longer shows the No. 4 Bridge. We've discussed in the past how those Guidemap people seem to have inside information.  So maybe they really are going to take that bridge down and replace it with a lower-to-the-ground link.
In that grass & mulch zone where RRBC used to stand, it does seem like some sort of outdoor amphitheater is being built here.  So maybe after all there will be an entertainment area here as envisioned in the Hyperion Wharf plans.
Light on in BET Soundstage.
Nothing to see in this nighttime photo but there would be nothing to see even if this were taken during the day.  You see, the former Pollo Campero / McDonald's building has been razed!
Formerly known as Bongo's Lawn, this is the future Food Truck Park area under construction.  Really can't make anything out yet.
The West Side's Wetzel's Pretzels venue was closed to be converted into Downtown Disney's first Starbucks and finally the long-promised replacement location is under construction.  This is right along the western wall of Disney Quest.
Lastly, the parking garage construction continues at a very rapid pace.  They're already working on decks 3 & 4!  And that's the latest news from DTD.  Tune-in regularly for the latest updates!

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