Friday, April 25, 2014

DTD Update: Construction All Over

Yesterday's article updated you on Pleasure Island construction.  Today we visit the rest of Downtown Disney beginning with parking garage construction.  From a distance we can see the massive cranes that have been brought in.
Progress is further along at the western end of the new garage.
Deck 3 has already has a ceiling which is the floor for Deck 4 with pillars going up to support Deck 5!
The eastern half of the garage is moving at a slower pace.  Disney would like to have the garage complex open before the year-end holiday season.
Construction of the new Starbucks continues on the West Side.
Concept art for the new pedestrian causeway that connects the T-REX Cafe area to the Rainforest Cafe area and will allow guests to make a complete circle through Downtown Disney Marketplace without having to go back the same way they came in as is the case now.
Progress seems to have slowed down here.
The far connection adjacent RFC.
Further progress though at the Marketplace location of Starbucks.
If anything is happening inside Mannequins, it's not evident outside. Next week we'll discuss nightlife possibilities at Disney Springs, especially on the Island.  Have a great weekend!

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