Friday, April 18, 2014

Concert Report: Tritonal (Roxy Night Club)

First visit to Roxy since late December when I saw German DJ ATB playing here!
Just coming on when I arrived, opening DJ Paris Blohm (USA).
Playing some booming House and Progressive bangers to make sure the crowd was awake!
And they were!
Dance floor and the club were already packed.
And he wasn't just standing there; he was quite animated!
And then around ten minutes before 1am, DJ duo Tritonal (USA) getting ready to come on!
I first became acquainted with their music when they played Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando a few years ago. I subsequently got to see them at another EDC and then early last year at Firestone.
Known primarily for their Trance hits, their set last night was nearly all vocal and non-vocal House music!
Roxy was packed to the rafters!
The crowd was bouncing!  Great sound and lighting in Roxy but some additional speakers added since my last visit really hurt the sight lines for patrons from many points on the dance floor.
They don't stand still.  They are moving around constantly!
Bouncing to their 2013 hit "Now or Never" which they followed with Dada Life's song "Born to Rave"!
And the entire club sang along with them to current hit "Colors", co-produced with Paris Blohm.
A good time was had by all!


Brian said...

I and other saw this on facebook (orlando weekly)

KingBob said...

Thanks, Brian. Also see: