Thursday, April 17, 2014

Best PI T-Shirts Ever!

Over the years nearly every venue at Pleasure Island sold various types of logo merchandise including t-shirts.  But it was these t-shirts that were printed after Pleasure Island closed that are the coolest!  The official Walt Disney World t-shirt shown above was available at Disney Design-a-Tee by Hanes in Downtown Disney Marketplace.
The t-shirt above left represented the sentiment of the wearer during the summer prior to the Final Night, updated to reflect his sentiment after the Final Night!  The other t-shirt above represented early efforts to "Save Pleasure Island" but was not affiliated with this website.
Lastly, this post-Pleasure Island t-shirt remains available today from Zazzle but the super-expensive price has always stopped me from ordering one.  Might have to give that some thought now that we know MDP ain't coming back!

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