Tuesday, December 31, 2013

PI Update: The Year In Review

When this article was written one year ago today, 2012 was called a bust and hope was offered that 2013 would be "Lucky 13" because Disney would finally announce something for our Island.  And that did turn out to be the case this year with the announcement of Disney Springs replacing Downtown Disney.  Whether they're really going to change the name of the place remains to be seen but the announcement did lead to concept art and club demolitions finally resumed again. Curiously, demolition of 8TRAX began and quickly ended with only a front portion removed.  Demo on the Mannequins building was limited solely to the removal of the outparcel shop Apricot Lane.  Exclusive photos provided to Save Pleasure Island Blog showed fresh interior photos of both Mannequins and 8TRAX.  What will 2014 bring?  Hopefully some announcements about what is coming to Disney Springs.  The lack of any announcements brings concern that Disney Springs is going to be another Flamingo Crossings or Hyperion WharfSo here are quick links to this year's top Blog stories:

JAN Tom Wolber's arrival at Downtown Disney brings hope for PI.  Link
FEB  Are Pollo Campero and Bodie's Closing?   Link
FEB  Disney Springs Announcement   Link
MAR Disney Spring Concept Art Leaked   Link
MAR Logo boards with possible store names for Disney Springs leaked.   Link
MAR More Disney Springs Announcements   Link
MAR Disney Springs Officially Announced   Link
APR Fuego is closing.   Link
MAY Demolition walls went up around CW & Laffers   Link
JUN Sad days on the Island.   Link
JUN  Demolition wall extended to include 8TRAX!   Link
JUL  Demolition wall extended to Mannequins!   Link
JUL  Demolition of Comedy Warehouse begins   Link
AUG Comedy Warehouse demolition photos   Link
AUG Exclusive Mannequins interior photos!   Link
AUG Exclusive 8TRAX interior photos!   Link
AUG Laffers Cantina demolition begins   Link
AUG Disney Springs 3D concept model video   Link
AUG Construction Permit for Mannequins building   Link
AUG Curl Demolished & 8TRAX coming down!   Link
AUG Island bypass bridge taking shape   Link
SEP  8TRAX Demolition halted!   Link
SEP  Changing Attitudes/Apricot Lane building demolished   Link 
OCT After lots of demolition, finally some construction!  Link
OCT Disney Springs concept art appears on DTD demolition walls   Link
NOV Exclusive SkyCam views behind the demolition walls!   Link

Stay tuned......the story ain't over yet!

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