Monday, December 30, 2013

PI Update: Magicians On The Island

Do you remember when there were magicians on Pleasure Island?  When the clubs closed at the end of September, 2008 the Island overnight went into ghost town status.  People still used it to crossover to the opposite sides of Downtown Disney but at night during the then off-season it was mostly deserted....eerily so, some said.  The former clubs were dark, Paradiso 37 was not yet open and with the PI Live DJ booth also closed, no music. This was an unanticipated outcome by management.  The solution around March, 2009 was to install one or two magicians on the Island to create clusters of nighttime entertainment. The one pictured above was stationed near Adventurers Club and sometimes another was stationed at The Hub near Fuego. The magicians were temporary though and by April, 2009 a new evening entertainment format was unveiled. We'll talk about this exciting development later next week.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, Celebrate Tonight! Yeaaa, can't wait for the update. hahaha

King Bob said...

Hush....don't give away the secret!