Monday, December 9, 2013

New Years Eve Party at EPCOT

One of the most incredible New Years Eve parties that you'll ever find takes place at Walt Disney World and specifically at EPCOT. Of course all the EPCOT rides and shows are there and of course there is a special edition of the Reflections fireworks show.  But what makes the place so incredible are the DJ dance parties that are taking place there "around the world!  Let's take a look at what's coming up this year!
In Future World at the Fountain Stage, DJ Scooter will be back.  Since he is closest to the entrance he sets the mood for the entire NYE party.  He will be playing 85% Top 40 and 15% more futuristic.
All the other DJ parties are in World Showcase.  In the China courtyard DJ Dominick Morrison (Mannequins) will be spinning beneath the smoke-belching dragon!  He is supposed to create a playlist that themes to Asia and China.  In past years he's played a lot of Top 40 and EDM; when I was in Asia back in September all the club music heard is the same stuff we have here.  So this should be interesting. Gangnam Style!
DJ Mark Sanchez is back at the piazza in Italy this year.  With spectacular lighting effects and lasers flying, he's been told to think of this as a giant Italian dance club and play 85% Euro Techno Pop and 25% Top 40. Since that's typically what he's played in past years, this should be fairly easy to accomplish!
At the American Gardens stage they have DJ Steve Dunlap playing in the afternoon and DJ Carlos Carrion into the evening.  Steve has been told to do his regular Top 40 show but add some Latin.  Carlos has been told that AG is being presented that night as a super hot Latin club so speak in both Spanish and English and play 90% Latin and 10% Top 40.
Brand new this year is a DJ stage at United Kingdom!  There will be 2 large screens with psychedelic projections.  DJ Dave Griffiths has been selected for this and told to play "British Invasion" but not hide the fact that he's Australian.  Orders are to play 100% well-known and high energy tunes from the 60's to today, but only music from the UK.  Paul McCartney and Calvin Harris at the same show!  EPCOT is a great place to be on New Years Eve.  Regular pricing applies.


Anonymous said...

Now Scooter can throw down. THAT is the talent level that should be on the City Walk main stage for NYE. Nothing against M-Squared.

If City Walk really, really wanted to take it to the next level for NYE, they should bring down Anthem Kingz from Toronto. :)

Anonymous said...

They SHOULD go heavy disco in the UK.. If anyone knew what they were doing in the dj dept over there that is.

KingBob said...

Disney still has some great DJ's on staff!

zulemara said...

totally cool they are adding yet another DJ plaza! I will sorely miss being at EPCOT on NYE as I have done for the past 3 years. I'll be freezing my ass off in WI instead!

KingBob said...

Sorry Thommy!