Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hot Dog Hall of Fame Coming To CityWalk! Many New Restaurants Coming!

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The Blog reported years ago that Hot Dog Hall of Fame was a possibility for the remake of Pleasure Island.  But that was prior to Hyperion Wharf being announced, then cancelled and then Disney Springs being announced.  With HDHOF coming to competitor Universal, another one at Downtown Disney seems highly unlikely.  It's important to note that Hot Dog Hall of Fame is a Schussler Creative concept, a company previously only associated in Orlando with Disney (Rainforest Cafe, T-REX Cafe, Yak & Yeti).  This seems to be their first venture with Universal unless Schussler sold the concept to someone else!

We know Starbucks and Cold Stone are going downstairs in CityWalk where Endangered Species was formerly located.  Cigarz is closing along with TCBY and the candy store.  Some of these new venues are going into those spaces, according to sources.  But to make one thing clear, there is no Jekyll & Hyde coming to CityWalk.


Anonymous said...

Citywalk is getting tenants but why can't downtown Disney be announced?

Anonymous said...

Disney is asleep at the switch? They're so busy trying to maintain their "kid/family friendly" mystique that they can't see the forest for the trees..

Anonymous said...

I think disney is using the old build and they will come mentality when it comes to tenants. I'm not sure they had anything in place for disney springs based on the Hyperion wharf mess

DJMadManRay said...

Great to see some new things happening at CW!