Thursday, November 7, 2013

Unofficial EDC Dressing Guide

When guys go out to a concert there's about 3 seconds worth of thought put into what to wear.  But we at the Blog know that you Ladies stress about this sort of thing.  We thus present our unofficial EDC Dressing Guide!

DO:  First of all, it's important to be visible.  Dressing colorful is important.

DO:  It's going to warm out there so very short shorts are essential!
DO:  Fluffies are still very much IN.
DO:  Tu-tu's are also still the rage.
DO:  Bonus points for wearing a nice tail.
DON'T:  Don't wear heels.  While there are some paved roadways within the EDC grounds, the three stages are in grass and dirt fields and you'll be miserable.
DON'T:  Don't wear horizontal stripes.  You want to look your best out there and horizontal stripes can tend to make you look fat.  EDC begins tomorrow.  Enjoy!!

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