Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PI Update: More Disney Springs Concept Art

Back on November 7th we published pictures of 4 pieces of Disney Springs concept art that had been posted on the walls of the new Pleasure Island bypass causeway.  This weekend while strolling along the bypass I found additional pieces of art that either were newly added to the wall or were somehow overlooked.  You can click on each image to enlarge. This one appears to be of the area of what is currently The Waterfront between Mannequins and the PI parking lot.
This piece of concept art depicts the new shortcut bridge that will take pedestrians from an area near Fulton's Crabhouse over to where the now closed Cap'n Jack's Restaurant was located. It will allow people to totally bypass the huge congested area new the Lego store and World of Disney.
Now this is not new but I thought I had posted it but apparently had not. This is the concept art for the new Starbucks going into where Wetzel's Pretzels was located, Downtown Disney West Side.


Anonymous said...

I love how the concept art, shows Starbucks not at all blending in with the "new" look of the Pleasure island section.. when, the whole shebang was supposed to be one unified theme.

KingBob said...

Well we know that Pleasure Island becomes The Landing and will have some sort of nautical look to it. I'm not sure what the West Side is supposed to look like but Starbucks concept art has it looking kind of 1960's retro futuristic.