Sunday, October 13, 2013

Club Reports: Simons, 2nd Street Speakeasy, Spannk (Gainesville)

Fun night in Gainesville last night beginning with one of the most famous clubs in Florida, Simons.  Back in the late 80's/early 90's when Simon Semrani owned the place there was no entry into the  club from this brightly lit location on Main Street.  No, the only way in was from an unmarked alley between buildings on the back side. The club had no sign.
It was House/Trance music only back then with a lot of the world's big name DJ's coming through. Deep Dish, Carl Cox, Felix da Housecat, Richie Hawtin, Icey, Josh Wink, Sasha & Digweed have all played here.  Last night we had DJ Hu-Flava (Vain Nightclub) in the booth playing mostly House; commercial House of course, but it was pretty good.
I know him as a Hip Hop guy from Orlando so when he played three Hip Hop songs in a row about 11:30pm I thought it was over.  But he quickly returned to House/Dance and I stuck around.

 By midnight the place was really crowded.  If Semrani was dead (and he's not!), I think he'd turn over in his grave though.  This is so far removed from the underground club he created, a place where clubbers from Orlando and Miami came to on weekends after their cities passed anti-Rave laws.

But I liked it!  And the name lives on!
Just a couple blocks away downtown is 2nd Street Speakeasy.
DJ Kriss V was playing Chill / Lounge / Downtempo House music.
The music had a good beat and people were actually moving to it!
The music was loud but not so loud that you couldn't carry on a conversation.  Definitely a nice place for lounging while sipping on a cold drink!
A small narrow space, it reminded me of several similar set-ups in Orlando.

Final and best stop of the night was Spannk Night Club and their every Saturday night Neon Liger Dance Party.
DJ Durante on the boards playing a hard House/Dance mix off CD's only.  Nice to see some younger guys taking up the sport!
The energy in the room was pretty incredible.  Of course everyone is young in a university town but the beats were fast and the dancers were faster!
EDM definitely dominates this town now.
If you're ever in GNV on a Saturday night, be sure to check this place out! 
DJ Icey played here earlier this year!
This old Plymouth makes up the front of the booth. Very cool.
And a good time was had by all.  Other downtown Gainesville clubs include Forum, Chateau, Bank, University Club, Club Envy and 101 Downtown.  They will have to await a future visit.


Anonymous said...

Don't see a lot of people using Allen & Heath even though it's an awesome brand. I know Jay Mac from XL 106 uses it or used to. They didn't give her much room on the bar to set up equipment.

KingBob said...

Putting a DJ in there was probably an afterthought.