Saturday, October 5, 2013

Club Report: Shine Bar

Wall Street Plaza unveiled it's way overdue remake of dance club Slingapour's last night and it's called Shine Bar.
The elevated "barn-like" DJ booth that used to dominate the room has been dismantled and replaced with this raised booth located in a less-intrusive corner. The club now sports a steampunk-era motif. What hasn't changed, unfortunately, is the music.
DJ Digital still has the "open format" that it has always been.  Hip Hop dominates but it's mixed with 80's, 90's, whatever.  I swear I heard a Country song in there somewhere.
The dance floor platform is gone but it makes the whole room a dance floor which is good.
One of the aft lighting fixtures.
The bathroom area has been given an outhouse look.
Six monitors, three each on 2 walls, display music videos. My overall impression?  If you liked Slingapour's you'll like Shine Bar better.  If you didn't like Slingapour's, meh. 


Anonymous said...

so instead of playing music videos, he's using the screens to promote himself? That tells me a lot...

Anonymous said...

thinking the same thing

Anonymous said...

a lot of "djs" out there that don't have the experience, knowledge and class to really pull it off. a professional Dj should never ever have their name on that screen. just music videos. let your work do the talking for you. just sayin..

KingBob said...

I think in most cases that you're correct.