Monday, September 2, 2013

Concert Report: DJ Baby Anne (The Groove)

UPDATED Fun times both inside and outside of The Groove at Universal CityWalk last night as they held their annual Labor Day Celebration.
Outside on the "lily pad" stage, DJ ET (102JAMZ) kicked off the party at 9pm mixing Hip Hop hits with EDM hits.
And the dance floor, located below the stage adjacent Galaxy Bar, began quickly building.
Meanwhile inside the refreshingly cool club building, DJ Jay Mac (XL106.7, Blue Martini, 180 Grey Goose Lounge) was playing EDM too!
It actually wasn't bad outside though; no rain and a hint of coolness from a light breeze.
And as midnight approached, a sea of Baby Anne fans had taken their spots on the dance floor!
Just in time for the Bassqueen's arrival escorted by Universal Security.
DJ Baby Anne (USA) on the stage.  First show in Orlando this year as far as I can recall.
Wasn't sure what kind of show she would perform for a crowd at Uni but she stuck mainly with the Breakbeats and Florida Breaks that she's known for!
Spotted: Sarah (The Rollins Girls).
Spotted: ill DJ Chris B (Electric Daisy Carnival, Vixen Bar, Firestone Live). Baby Anne would go on to play his and DJ Fixx's remix of Sporty-O's "International Wingman"!
Spotted: Ken The Robot (Pleasure Island).
Spotted: DJ ET (The Groove).

View from behind the stage provided by DJMadManRay!

Another one of his shots that he's shared with us! 

 The lighting while playing DJ Zedd's massive hit "Clarity".  Zedd (D) performs this coming Thursday night at House of Blues.
The floor and surrounding area stayed jammed to close to 2am!
Inside The Groove DJ M-Squared (Loft55, Vain Nightclub) had a full house for Hip Hop.
Baby Anne was also mixing in some late 90's/early 00's Classic Dance like LaRissa's Breaks hit
"I Do Both Jay and Jane".
Dancing in all the corners!
And a good time was had by all!

DJMadManRay also posted this video to YouTube.  Really shows the quality lighting set-up put together by Universal's lighting techs.  Thanks, Ray!


DJ ET said...

Hey bob great meeting you on Friday at the Groove Baby Anne rocked it! Your website savepleasureisland.blogspot is brilliant great job I can tell you have put a lot of hard work into it. I want to thank you for posting pictures of me playing music & thank you for giving me the web link to savepleasureisland blog. Its great to know there is somebody in Orlando supporting EDM music! Keep it up!

KingBob said...

Will continue to support the Dance scene!

M&B said...

Bob, I was told that will be last labor Day party at CW. They wanted to out with a bang. That was a very expensive setup for Baby Anne and they wanted people to remember the performance and staging.

KingBob said...

Mark, thanks for that report. You can definitely tell it was a quality effort with great equipment.

Any idea why they want to discontinue such popular event? In the past they just used a dozen or so local DJ's, surely at a much lower expense.

Anonymous said...

Doubt they'll kill it completely. At the very least, they'll scale it back to locals Djs. this is a locals only event anyway. the avg mom/dad/kids walking around in city walk wouldn't have a clue who Baby Anne is..

KingBob said...

Mark's sources are pretty solid but I don't understand why they'd discontinue it unless it was not a profitable night for them.

Anonymous said...

the peeps in charge of stuff over there make decisions at the last second so there's no way to say what'll happen a full year away. my money is that they go back to a scaled down event like previous years.

KingBob said...

It does seem premature to predict what they're going to do next year. The Labor Day event has been a tradition for years out there.

Anonymous said...

Good Times...