Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Club Reports: Gangnam Style! (Seoul)

Living it up "Gangnam Style" in Seoul, South Korea!  A song by the same name last year brought fame and popularity to Korean Wave music, aka K-Pop music.
Sightings of "Psy" are all over the city. Gangnam itself is a wealthy and trendy neighborhood in Seoul, south of the downtown core. It is very much a bar, night club and restaurant district.
Such as XIX Bar.
HO Bar and Red Model Bar blasting House music onto the street.
As was ICON Lounge.

This one was simply called "Club DJ" and featured Dance music. As my visit to Seoul was just a 20-hour stopover that followed a 14-hour flight from the U.S., I was way too tired to do more than dine and then go to sleep! Sadly, no actual club visits! 

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