Thursday, September 12, 2013

Club Reports: Macau Casinos (Macau)

Next stop on this Asian journey is to Macau, the former Portuguese territory that was returned to China in 1999. The Chinese have not merged the area into their country, instead calling it a "special administrative region" and by-in- large letting it operate independently.
And Macau's main business is casino gambling. I stayed in the historic center of the territory which lights up incredibly at night with one casino after another, Vegas style! This is the Wynn.
One of the original casinos, the Casino Lisboa.
And the much newer, much more incredible Grand Lisboa.
Of course there is a MGM Grand too.  Gambling revenues in Macau now exceed Las Vegas, making it the number one gambling destination in the world!
The hotel's atrium is home to several restaurants. The casinos visited had relatively few slot machines compared to U.S. casinos. Most guests are from mainland China and I guess they're not into slots.
Star World Casino lit at night.
The Macau Tower is one of the main tourist attractions, rising 60-floors above the surrounding area and offers bungee-jumping to the brave!
Nice views from up here. Macau....very impressive.

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