Sunday, September 1, 2013

Club Reports: Ghost Bar, Rok Room, Sound Bar

Saturday in the city and a second visit to the newer Ghost Bar.
The DJ duo was having technical difficulties so the music from the guitar player continued later than planned.
Ghost Bar is named for "Eddie" the friendly ghost who lives in the building. Did not spot him during my visit!
People were dancing even without the DJ's!
"Russian Standard" night at Rok Room is typically on Fridays but they were having a special edition last night and you didn't need to be Russian to attend!
DJ Tim 7evn playing House/Dance from the relocated booth!
It had not gotten particularly crowded yet but my visit was on the early side.
The club's official Facebook photographer Kristen capturing the moments!
DJ X-Andy (, CityWalk Techno Night 2011, Elegante Bistro) getting ready to come on next.
But best stop of the night; Sound Bar located in a hidden alcove at the rear of Native Social Bar.
With Saturday night resident DJ Monsanto playing pure, unadulterated, non-vocal House music and legendary DJ Debo on the far right getting ready to come on!
The new raised dance floor had a good crowd on board.  Unfortunately my camera started acting up at this point.
But a good time was had by all!

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