Saturday, August 17, 2013

PI Update: Laffers Bites The Dust!

Even after 5 years, the pulse picks-up speed as one approaches one of the many bridges to beautiful Pleasure Island!
And there are always surprises to be had.  This time it's seeing that Laffers Cantina has begun the demolition process!
Laffers Cantina was actually on the bottom level only and served drinks to those waiting in line to get into Comedy Warehouse shows.  The bar in more recent years served drinks to those watching shows in the adjoining Celebration Plaza, or to those just passing through.
The upstairs was originally the control booth for the West End Stage and in later years the control booth for the Celebrate Tonight shows.
They're really starting to get secretive out there on the Island.  The Waterfront is now completely blocked off with construction walls behind Mannequins and 8TRAX.  Can't look back there anymore.
They've even gone to the trouble to put up a construction wall on the new No. 5 Bridge itself so that you can't see them build the bridge! Really?
Well let's just go around and look at it from the other side (until they block this view too.)  The bridge looks far more permanent than temporary and it looks like it will go around the north side the Island.  You know, had they just built this 6 years ago to carry pedestrians around the club district, they wouldn't have had to close the club district!
Lights are on inside BET SoundstageDisney Springs concept art shows a completely new building in this spot so the lights are not on for their grand reopening.
So make a night of it and come visit beautiful Pleasure Island yourself while it's still here.  You may have to park out here in Lot Q to find a space.....but it's worth the walk.


zulemara said...

my friend said he saw tables and plans laid out inside BET so apparently they are using it for a planning/meeting area at least temporarily.

Anonymous said...

Eight years ago Pleasure Island rocked, with a lot of fun night life,and open clubs at 10:00 till 2:00 for the adults.
Now when I look at everything it's just sad.
P.S. It's dying a slow death,it's just pitiful.

Anonymous said...

till 2? no till 1:45 had to be off PI before 2!