Saturday, August 31, 2013

PI Update: Bypass Bridge Taking Shape

With the wall that used to surround Celebration Plaza removed, a new view has been created of the entryway to beautiful Pleasure Island.  More pictures taken yesterday afternoon from Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter Thommy.
We originally speculated that the new supposedly temporary No. 5 Bridge from the West Side to Pleasure Island was going to connect adjacent to BET Soundstage and an existing boardwalk.
And we originally speculated that they put a wall on the bridge so that passersby could not view the on-going construction.
But neither is the case.  That's just one of their regular demolition walls and it's going to block views from the new bridge of demolition at Soundstage.
And construction is far enough along now that we can see the new bridge wrapping around the north shore of the Island rather than connecting.
The bridge (or is it better called a causeway?) will then go past Adventurers Club and Paradiso 37.  It is wide enough to carry a high volume of pedestrians and strollers.
And it appears it can then connect over here to the Pleasure Island Water Taxi dock where people can then come back onto the Island.  The construction quality certainly looks more permanent than temporary but it is well-known that even temporary at Disney can span decades. But it would also seem unlikely that tenants who will locate in waterfront locations would want their views blocked by the bridge.  Time will tell.

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