Thursday, August 1, 2013

PI Update: And Then CW Was Gone

It took less than a week to get to this point.  Comedy Warehouse is now mostly demolished.  The only part remaining is the upper front foyer area and the original facade.
Another view of Comedy Warehouse from the rear Waterfront area.  A construction wall has gone up behind Planet Hollywood as demolition soon moves to the former Curl store and then apparently on to 8TRAX.
Will PI be going flat?  That's how it looks on the latest Downtown Disney Guidemap but we just don't know yet.  It's true that buildings that take advantage of the elevation change seem largely destined for demolition.  But Adventures Club looks not to be on the demolition list yet consists of two levels.  Would they make it's main entrance downstairs?  What about Paradiso 37 which is built on the rising slope of Hill Street?  What about Mannequins where the smoker's entrance is now upstairs?  I guess all that could be fixed in some way.
BET Soundstage is apparently coming down though but not until demolition on the other side of the main pathway is completed.  Island sources tell us that the place had bad leaks and mold even before it closed down and its the one club where the air conditioning was not left running post-closure either.
Everyone fondly remembers fishing boat "Jenny" from the film "Forrest Gump".  She's been docked in the Waterfront lagoon next to Planet Hollywood for years.  Of course there's been a problem with her sinking whenever there were heavy rain here, which is often.  DTD management allegedly complained about her often because the boat became a real eyesore!
Well she's been pumped out once again and moved to the rear of PH where she's a bit harder to spot.  As that lagoon will be closing, "Jenny" will have to be removed once and for all.

A castmember trailer has been installed in the front half of the 2nd staging area in Parking Lot H.
That will allow the removal of this mostly hidden castmember trailer currently located on the parking lot side of Pleasure Island.
But Mickey's vision lives on!  (Big thanks to one of our anonymous readers for sharing some of the pictures and news used in this article!!)


Anonymous said...

This is very very sad about Comedy Warehouse, and the night clubs.
I really thought there would be some night clubs,Mannequines,and 8Trax for the adults.
Please reconsider this idea of demolishing Mannequines, and 8Trax.

Anonymous said...

and I look at the count dang near 92,000 from FL alone WTH where you? are and didn't you support PI back before it closed?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

God save the Queen! God save Mannequins Dance Palace!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you save Mannequines Dance Palace,8Trax,and hopefully Adventurer's Club, and everyone hope to save P.I. .

KingBob said...

You never know what you have until you lose it!