Friday, August 16, 2013

Hey Gainesville, You've Got EDM!

Hey Gainesville, the Party has arrived!  Radio station WBXY located at 99.5 on your FM radio dial is now doing business as Party 99.5!  It's owned by JVC Media, the parent of Dance station WPTY on Long Island/NYC!   Gainesville has long been home to lousy Top 40 and Rock stations but a university town deserves better!  The peeps want techno!  Not sure how far their signal carries but the rest of the world can listen here


Jeff - Gainesville said...

About darn time! Thanks for the tip!!!

KingBob said...

In some ways it's better than BPM, Jeff. The latter repeats around 10 songs every 2 hours and it's gotten annoying.

Hopefully more major markets get their own EDM stations again too!