Friday, August 30, 2013

Breaking News: Curl Gone, 8TRAX Coming Down!

One never knows what one is going to find when one crosses that bridge!

Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter Thommy on  Pleasure Island this afternoon taking a picture of this narrow passageway between Paradiso 37 and Curl when he realized the Curl (formerly Superstar Studios) building wasn't there!
And 8TRAX was being crunched!

Demolition at the side!
Demolition at the front!
Zooming in on the action!
He reports that the entire single-story front section of the club that stuck out from the multi-story main section of the club is gone and appears to have been demolished first.  This is the area that  housed the main bar. You can see one of the psychedelic walls in this shot. 
Thommy speaks with great sadness of losing 8TRAX.  He says he used to work there, it's where he learned the Thriller dance and where he decided to become a DJ back in his hometown.  We are all sad about using 8TRAX.  It was a club where all ages, races, genders, religions, etc. shared the dance floor and everyone knew the words to all the 70's & 80's songs!
It's all being taken down with a backhoe.
Click to enlarge this picture and you can see the Lombard Promenade hill is there but the promenade itself, the winding sidewalks reminiscent of San Francisco's Lombard Street, are gone. Now excuse me while Thommy and I go have a cry!


DJMadManRay said...

The memories.. goodbye 8Trax.. Diana was always our bartender. Loved her and everything about 8Trax... Great freaking place! We remember someone dressing up and doing Thriller every now and then. :-) Thanks for the good times!

zulemara said...

I was on vacation one week prior to the closure announcement and was SO excited to do Thriller in full costume! I was able to coordinate with DJ Eric and it was perfect(and it's on youtube) When they announced the closure and I booked my tickets to come back down, I decided that night would be my last time there. On closing night I visited only CW and MDP. I thought the night I did Thriller was an appropriate end to my time at 8-TRAX, the club that started it all for me. I seriously have tears while writing this. They can take our club, but never our memories.

Anonymous said...

...and somewhere in the Florida marsh a 350lb. behemoth w triple D's begins her aria.

KingBob said...

I guess you could say that.