Saturday, May 11, 2013

PI Update: Demolition Walls Are Up!

Looking for action?  You know where.....beautiful Pleasure Island!  Demolition walls are now up across West End Plaza!
Walls begin at the foot of the No. 4 Bridge from Downtown Disney West Side and wrap around to just behind Laffers Cantina.  The walls are in Disney Springs new pale blue with gray trim colors.
The feeling one gets standing here is reminiscent of the feeling one got standing at the Berlin Wall, looking over to the sad "other side".  In this case it's Laffers Cantina and Comedy Warehouse that are on the "other side", soon to meet their fate with the wrecking ball.

A short section of the wall continues behind CW, leading up to The Waterfront.  A few Curl by Sammy Duval employees were spotted coming out of 8TRAX which is still being used to store boxes of that store's merchandise.
At Mannequins Dance Palace there are some temporary barriers in place but these have been here for a few weeks and appear unrelated to the other demolition walls.

 Taken from behind Planet Hollywood, this view shows the wall then continues around the lower level castmember-only section, down below West End Plaza.
Elsewhere on the Island, more tables and chairs in place at the Lily Pad.
They had the taco truck parked here Friday evening.
And a tent to purchase some cold alcoholic beverages.  Looking for action?  Time is running out on beautiful Pleasure Island.  Come visit while it's still here!


Anonymous said...

This is the height of idiocy when they are selling alcohol out of a tent when beautiful Mannequins Dance Palace has sat ready and waiting for five years.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this really is the start of something new coming? Something more interesting than just another grassed area this time!? Or will they just knock down CW and leave us with some highly entertaining empty space?

Anonymous said...

Demolition doesn't mean anything. We've never seen them actually build anything!

Jeff - Gainesville said...

Oh dear - anon 11:36! I'm afraid that this is for real. One of my students is proudly employed by the construction company and it is in full force! Keep the good photos coming KingBob! And thank you for your continued dedication to PI and it's future!

KingBob said...

I keep hearing positive things about the future of EDM at Disney so keep your fingers crossed!

Yes, it made no sense to have musical entertainment outdoors these past 5 years, in the heat and sometimes in the rain, when nice air conditioned buildings sat empty just a few feet away. I believe the people who made those decisions for DTD have been moved to other divisions to wreak their havoc.

Jeff, I do believe this is for real too. Can you get any info out of this construction guy?