Thursday, May 9, 2013

PI Update: Comedy Warehouse To Be Demolished!

The website Walt Disney World Magic is reporting that Disney has filed a Notice of Commencement with Orange County for the demolition of Building C17, better known as the Comedy Warehouse building!  Not really a surprise since the Disney Springs concept art shows a completely different looking structure in that location.  No demolition permit yet for BET Soundstage but it would be difficult to demolish both BET and CW at the same time if they want to still allow foot traffic to cross the area.
In addition, a permit was filed for the construction of a new service yard toward the area at the rear of this photo, approximately where club Motion used to stand.
Another permit was filed for the elimination of this existing service yard located between Raglan Road (left) and Portobello Country Italian Trattoria (right).  You'll recall the Blog has long-reported that the main pathway from Downtown Disney Marketplace will pass through this way before making the 90° turn to the left and heading past a lighthouse-style restaurant, the future outdoor amphitheater and the existing Paradiso 37 restaurant. Plans we previously published show one or two new shops added along the pathway within this current service area and presumably that has not changed.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame that all the faithful Pleasure Island people trying to save P.I. have so far after five years, has not worked.
I hope somewhere down the line for P.I. there will be night clubs and dancing for the adults.
P.S. At least reopen Mannequins and 8Trax.

KingBob said...

We still don't know what is to become of Mannequins & 8TRAX. But I'm confident that there will several adult nightlife options at the future Disney Springs.