Friday, April 12, 2013

PI Update: The Calm Before The Storm

Thursday afternoon at the happiest place on earth!  The two exit signs towards the rear will both have to be replaced because they mention the names Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island.
A little breezy out there which means the Characters In Flight tethered balloon ride had to stay grounded.  Would be interesting to see what their operating percentage is.
BET Soundstage is on the chopping block per Disney's concept art.
All those missing window panes are an indication they really didn't care if the rain poured inside which is an indication that it's coming down soon.
At Marketplace, there are still construction walls surrounding parts of Rainforest Cafe however the active volcano appears to have been completed.

Back on the Island, PI Live Bar lives on as a memory from the good old days.  This venue closed with the clubs but was called back into duty shortly thereafter because the Island at night had become so eerily dead.  

Marvel at Disney.  T-shirts for sale at D-Street on the West Side.
And out beyond the West Side, the first of many construction office trailers has been planted in the Q-Lot. Demolition of Downtown Disney as we know it and the construction of Disney Springs will be directed from back here.  Have a great weekend!


ClubMaster said...

King Bob, We need video footage of inside BET, there is stairs to the side of Adventures club, that go around leading behind BET Club and you can definitely get great shots of inside before they tear them down.

KingBob said...

ClubMaster, be sure to send some of them to me once you get them.