Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pacha Ibiza: Trouble In Night-Life Paradise


Saw this interesting article about club Pacha from the New York Times here: 

I understand the position of Pacha owners, but I think they're wrong.  Electronic Dance Music has long been popular in Europe and Ibiza was (is) the mecca for fans of the genre.  There was little competition from the United States until the recent EDM boom.  Now it seems Pacha is simply wimping out.  And I think their experiment is going to fail; no one flies to Ibiza to listen to rock'n'roll.  They made their millions the past two decades by charging clubbers €30 entry fees and €10 drinks and paying DJ's a relative pittance, and they think that was ok for them.  Now that DJ's are the new superstars and commanding large fees just as athletes do, Pacha protests and no longer wants to be in the game.  I doubt their plan will survive and if they don't change course for the upcoming 2013 season, they're going to find their place empty!

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