Sunday, April 28, 2013

Breaking News: Laffers Cantina Closing!

Beautiful Pleasure Island's days are numbered folks.  If you have the time, you really need to come visit one more time because views like this won't be available after this week!  In fact, next Sunday (May 5th) marks the end of many things as we've come to know them on the Island.
Sources say it will be the final night for Laffers Cantina as it closes one more time.  The venue had closed with the clubs in 2008 but then was quickly brought back to liven the very dead Island.  Named after all the laughs that used to occur in the adjacent Comedy Warehouse, it was one of our few links to the past.  
This is "Keith's Park", a shady area between the Lego Imagination Center and  
T-REX Cafe.  We're told this will be the new home for the "Live Statues" beginning Monday, May 6th.
This is the faux-grassy park area located between Wetzel's Pretzels & Bongo's Cuban Cafe.  Performers from Pleasure Island's Purple Stage and Green Stage have been told to report here beginning May 6th as well.  Looks like a good place for dancing!  To be called the "Park Stage", we're told entertainment acts have been warned not to be too loud so they don't disturb patrons at Bongo's.
Ahh, I'm not sure how they would not disturb patrons at Bongo's!
We previously reported that DTD entertainment management currently housed in offices beneath West End Plaza was supposed to move today to this new trailer located out in the Q-Lot beyond House of Blues.  Along with everything else, that's delayed until next Monday as well.  Readers, Pleasure Island as we knew it has been gone for 5 years.  Pleasure Island as we've come to know it will be gone after this week!   


71 said...

End of an era.

Doesn't Bongos often have their own live music not far from the park? The guitarist might fit well, but Andre C and Co. are probably going to overwhelm the restaurant.

And don't get me started on how much more of a cluster it will be to walk past the Lego store with living statues in the mix ...

KingBob said...

Live bands and DJ's at Bongo's are inside but the music is piped throughout the restaurant/club including to diners out on the pictured patio and balcony. Thus, it would seem that any music in the park is going to interfere with the restaurant's exterior sections. Perhaps Bongo's exterior seating is only used at peak times though and maybe not at all during the summer humidity.