Saturday, February 2, 2013

PI Update: Friday Fun On The Island

Beautiful Pleasure Island.....the place to be on a Friday night!  Is PI going to get a new name again?  We may know soon.  The bone dry rumor mill has started spinning again with supposedly Downtown Disney announcements coming sooner than later.
But Mannequins stands ready.
8TRAX stands ready.
Adventurers Club stands ready.
Soundstage stands ready.
Guitar hero Adam Duss on the porch at House of Blues.
Blog roving reporter Thommy reports a different rumor that a Cal-Mex restaurant is coming to Downtown Disney and it supposedly will be located somewhere near T-REX.  Problem is, there's no vacancies near T-REXThe closest vacant spot is Mannequins!  Say it ain't so!  
An intriguing part of this rumor is that the restaurant would be owned and operated by Disney, not a 3rd party.  Me likes that part.

 Of course, the Curl by Sammy Duval store is vacating its space in March/April, moving into an outparcel at Splitsville.  We previously reported a rumor about Food Network scoping-out 8TRAX for a possible restaurant site and Curl is part of the same building.

The evening getting started at Splitsville with a 2-man acoustic band in the corner.  Upstairs DJ-driven music begins after 10pm.

Anyone remember what was located between Something Silver and Sosa Family Cigars?  Whatever it was, it ain't there no more!
At the Lily Pad, band "Nova Era" gets set-up for their evening performance.
No line yet at Laffers Cantina.  Step right up.
Paradiso girls!
And a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

they are all ready BUT Disney is not!

EasyEddy said...

Bob, Been following this blog for years, and with all due respect, a twitter account would draw more traffic to this blog. A tweet (twitter micro blog) with a link to what you just posted on here would gain momentum over time. You have a niche here that you put alot of time into, just want to see you maximize all the good nuggets of information that you provide to the public. Thanks for everything!

KingBob said...

Anon, we're not sure what Disney wants at this juncture.

EasyEddy, already have 300,000+ readers. But not a bad idea. And a Facebook presence too. If only I could figure out how to make some money off this thing!

Anonymous said...

Bob, is now a good time to write emails to Disney since the new guys are at the helm or do you think it's too late and it's already been decided whether or not clubs will be reopenef on PI? If so, could you give us some email addressed of George K and the rest of the new crew? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

How do I follow this blog? Cute girl in that last picture. ;) she seems to have the Disney attitude.

Anonymous said...

Anon AT February 3, 2013 at 3:58 PM
log on to
DISNEY will never get back into the clubs! ok well NOT like it was!
IF IF IF they ever do!

KingBob said...

Anon at 2:03pm, will get some email addresses to publish in the near future. I think whatever is coming is largely thought out but unless every vacancy has been accounted for, I think there's potential with the new guy from Disney Cruise Lines.

Anon at 3:58pm, she is a cutey. She came running up to me with a big white hand outstretched, yelling "Give me Four!" Agree she has the "Disney look".

71 said...

Doubt Paradiso would welcome such close competition directly across the street in Mannequins (how do you do a full serve Mexican place without a tequila bar?). My guess is this Mexican place will be quick-serve, probably taking over the margarita stand. Long shot, it's meant to take over Paradiso, but both these theories are pure speculation on my part.

KingBob said...

71, you make a good point about Paradiso. No way they put a Mexican restaurant, even Cal-Mex, right next to it. And your guess that it could replace the margarita stand does make sense, if the rumor is even true.

With Paradiso already there at the higher end and Pollo Campero already there at the low end, the question is, does DTD need yet another Latin-themed eatery?

KingBob said...

UPDATE: Actually nothing was between Sosa Cigars and Something Silver. The walled area is part of Something Silver. Apparently they're working on the front of the store in that area.