Tuesday, February 19, 2013

PI Update: Are New Schussler Restaurant Concepts Coming To "The Landing"?

Everyone is pretty familiar with Minneapolis-based Steve Schussler and his Schussler Creative company.  He's the one that dreamed of, created and delivered restaurant concepts Rain Forest Cafe, T-REX Cafe and Yak & Yeti to Walt Disney World.  And anyone who has read the Save Pleasure Island Blog for a few years knows that just prior to the announcement that PI clubs were going to be shut, top executives from Downtown Disney flew to MSP for a big party....hosted by Schussler...where his concepts were pitched.  And for the past few years we've published rumors of existing Schussler Creative concepts that could be on the way to Downtown Disney; names such as Hot Dog Hall of Fame, Backfire BBQ featuring Orange County Choppers, Winter Wonderland (Where it's Christmas Everyday) and the icebar concept Water-Fire-Ice Polar Ultralounge.  So don't be surprised if you hear some of these names once announcements come.  

In the meanwhile, Schussler also has his "Top Secret" list of concepts which too could be on their way here.  The first one we previously reported as almost definite for the waterfront location adjacent the new amphitheater where Motion and Rock'n'Roll Beach Club once stoodMahogany Bay Classic Old Boats and Great Food Restaurant.  That was the working name; the actual name might be better.  It is described below along with some other possible concepts coming to one of your favorite Florida islands.  You heard it here first.


WatercraftA sneek peak at some of the top secret stuff going on at Schussler Creative

Anchor yourself in a vintage watercraft on top of Florida tropical waters. Enjoy the open air and nautical environment.

Magical and Mystical Dragons

Mystical dragons, kings and princesses in a magical environment.


World Class Circus theme with big top fun in a theatrical environment.

3 Dimensional TV

The future in 3D - Next generation of television without 3D glasses - Progressive, Innovative and Fun.


Anonymous said...

Bob, surely Raglan road doesn't want even more restaurants coming to "The Landing". Maybe we could get them involved with the Save Pleasure Island agenda?

Anonymous said...

Soooo,let's EAT more America!!! Instead of burning some calories on a dance floor, let's get fatter! Maybe a WALL-E themed restaurant where you can sit in lawn chairs and grow your own pizza. SMH

FN said...

More restaurants and shops is not my idea of "imagineering." There must be something whiz-bang to draw people into this. It seems that we have not heard the best parts of the plan yet... There must be more to come...

KingBob said...

Anon at 8:09am, I don't think Raglan has a choice about more competition coming. I'm sure that's what they expected when they first signed on. It would not surprise me that they got some sort of subsidy (or rent reduction) because of the sorry state of affairs the past 4.5 years.

FN, I don't think there's any Disney Imagineering taking place with the new restaurants. Schussler has likely created the concepts that are coming. Yes, there's more to come to WOW us!

FN said...

KingBob, I agree with you, but I was referring to the imagineering of the whole area and the related theming. Schussler may be granted the restaurant concepts and theming, but Imagineering would still set the overarching theme which the restaurants would be required to integrate into. The same is true for the common areas - designed by Disney into one cohesive package. I was expressing a desire to see much more interesting stuff than just restaurants and shops in a landscaped park-like setting.

KingBob said...

From what I've read, the common theming across all areas will be trains/railroads. What that means, I don't know.