Saturday, February 9, 2013

Club Reports: Laffers Cantina, Splitsville, Bongos, Paradiso 37, Atlantic Dance Hall

Looking for fun on a Friday night and finding it at Walt Disney World!  First stop, Celebration Plaza beside Laffers Cantina on beautiful Pleasure Island!
The Andre Caram Band ft. Drey-C continues their shows on the Purple Stage.  They're no doubt the most popular of the numerous musical acts that play here.
We're between tourist seasons right now so the crowd wasn't particularly large for their late performance.
Who says there's no dancing on Pleasure Island?
The music is all Top 40/Dance/EDM; closing with Swedish House Mafia's "Don't You Worry Child".  They did an excellent rendition of it!
Not so good news from Splitsville.
No one on the dance floor and no Friday night DJ!  We're told that DJ's have been eliminated on Friday and Saturday nights.  They continue to have a DJ on Thursday castmember night.  What a letdown.
The outdoor downstairs patio was busy though.
Bongos has a live band and DJ on weekend nights.
The music is all various forms of Latin beats.
The dance floor was filling up during my visit.
The surprise of the night was Paradiso 37 restaurant and tequila bar!
Outside on the Paradiso patio, DJ Lyv Wyr spinning Top 40/Dance!
And people were dancing!
Other people were dancing by the bar; still others were dancing on the walkway near 8TRAX as they passed by the place.  The place has a lot of potential if they play the right music!
Last stop of the night, Atlantic Dance Hall over at Disney's Boardwalk Resort.
DJ Frankie (Frankie & The West End Boys, Rock'n'Roll Beach Club, Stitch's Club 626) on the controls here spinning a typical ADH mix of Top 40, Oldies, Hip Hop and nearly anything else someone requests!
Surprisingly large crowd on hand!
Because where else in Orlando can you dance to the Spice Girls?

Or line dances like the "Cha Cha Slide"?
The "Cupid Shuffle".
Or "The Wobble"?
But most important, a good time was had by all!


Dj Smooth said...

You're going to start seeing a dance called the "Bernie Lean".

I just got my video on this track.

It's similar to the wobble and just as cheesy.

Ken said...

No DJ on Saturday night...I'm guessing that the March 16th PI Reunion at Splttsville will probably be cancelled.

KingBob said...

Smooth, it's so stupid....but I love it! Readers, DJ Smooth will be on the CityWalk Plaza stage tonight from 6pm to 10pm spinning Top 40/Dance...and maybe even the "Bernie Lean"!

Ken, I've texted the organizer about that.

zulemara said...

ugh...that's gonna be equal to my soulja boy, as in every time I hear it I will quickly exit the dance floor and grumble in anger

Anonymous said...

Disheartening news about Splitsville, were they even playing music? Thought if that dance floor was successful, it would bode well for the other buildings.

KingBob said...

Yes, a Top 40-ish music track was being played.