Sunday, February 24, 2013

Club Reports: Bikkuri Lounge, The Other Bar, Slingapours

If you were out looking for sushi, you might stop here.  If you were out looking for Trance, chances are you would not.  You have to know that upstairs tucked in a far corner is a really cool dance club...Bikkuri Lounge!
DJ Mustafa was playing House and Trance during my visit.  And this was not the obscure stuff, this was all EDM recognizable from satellite radio!
But only a couple dozen people in the place and no one dancing.
Finally a couple clubbers putting on a light show for the spectators.  I'm told that the "Lost In Trancelation" crowd arrives quite late. The LIT event now takes place on the last Saturday night of the month.  Cheap beer and well drinks makes for an inexpensive venue with great music!
Standing in front of the club's incredible light wall, DJ's Agni (Suite B Lounge) and Robb Blak (Roxy Nightclub, Firestone Live, Universal Orlando) would be playing later.
Now over to The Other Bar to catch up with DJ PopRoXxX.
But he was not home.  Instead we had DJ Moore spinning Top 40 at this club located inside the Wall Street Plaza complex.
It was hard to move about the place!
Packed in every corner although it was mostly chit-chat and just a few dancing in place.
Admid temps yesterday in the mid-80's, the entire Wall Street Plaza was packed that way last night!  The elimination of their $5 cover charge makes it practical to just come in and stay as long as you want and not feel that you're wasting money if you leave too quickly.
Slingapours is the only real dance club in the complex.
Resident DJ Digital up in the booth playing, and this was no surprise, a lot of Hip Hop.  If that's what you're seeking then this place might satisfy you.
The dance floor was packed though.
And a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

If you play to much hip hop and dont charge to get it, it could cause problems later.

KingBob said...

Not sure what you're saying but anytime you don't charge for something, it lessens the value. When it comes to admission charges, free admission can lead to a lot of freeloaders who don't even buy a drink from you. That should be a concern to any bar owner.