Saturday, February 16, 2013

Club Reports: The Abbey, Backbooth

A visit to The Abbey last night, the event center that hosts a free 80's Night (and sometimes 70's) every month!
Live band Switch (Retro Room, Bar Louie, 80's Night at The Groove) was on stage playing a mix of 80's hits plus a series of 70's Aerosmith tunes as well.
Big crowd on hand dancing to their music.  Guys, it was around 80% women!
It wasn't as crowded as the 80's Night they held in January, but it was hardly empty.
Because there was a play taking place in the facility earlier in the evening, they did not get started until 10pm whereas typically the band starts at 8pm.
Between sets more 80's from DJ BMF (The Social, Cleo's Lounge).
His dance tracks also kept the dance floor full!
But more crowded when Switch was playing!
A lot of people were dressed in their 80's attire to fit in to the theme.  Several (not pictured) were dressed in 80's attire because that's when they bought their clothes and were still wearing them!
But a good time was had by all!
Backbooth also does an 80's Night and it's every Friday night beginning at 11:59pm!
DJ Adam Wright in the booth playing 80's videos.  He says he's been running Footloose 80's night at Backbooth for 10 years now!
Another crowd here too, but also not packed. Whereas the crowd at The Abbey was 40's plus, the crowd here was more like 20's minus.
The dance floor stayed full during my visit.
99 Red Balloons.  Whereas Independent Bar sticks with early to mid 80's New Wave on Saturday night, Backbooth plays hits from throughout the decade.
In fact, I was hearing quite a bit of 90's tonight too such as C&C Music Factory's "Pump Up The Jam" and House of Pain's "Jump Around".
No complaints; a good time was had by all!

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