Monday, December 31, 2012

PI Update: The Year In Review

When it comes to Pleasure Island, 2012 was truly a bust.  Not only did nothing happen, there weren't even many rumors to spread!  Hopefully 2013 will be "Lucky 13" and Disney will finally announce something!  Here are links to our top articles from this past year:

We began the year with the latest rumors about PI plans.  Article
In February the Blog was first to officially declare Hyperion Wharf dead.  Article
Later that month, the Blog's first ever 8TRAX Reunion!  Article
In March the AC cast put on a private show for travel agents.  Article
For April Fools, we changed our name to the Save Hyperion Wharf BlogArticle
We reported Disney copyrighting the AC characters in April.  Article
In May the Blog was the first to report Curl moving.  Article
In June, shocking exclusive photos from inside Adventurers ClubArticle
Later that month, President Obama visited and told Disney to reopen PIArticle
The latest Mannequins rumors hit in July.  Article
Followed by rumors about MDP and CW reopening!  Article
A triple-sized Downtown Disney would get new ramps from I-4.  Article
Mad T Party supposedly coming to PI (but it never happened)!  Article

As the year draws to a close, Save Pleasure Island Blog has surpassed over 433,000 readers since it was created shortly after the club-closings were announced.  That's a lot of people all waiting to see how the Pleasure Island situation turns out. That's a lot of people who care!  Happy New Year!


DJMadManRay said...

Happy New Year Bob! Hopefully you are right, lucky 13.. Going to Epcot tonight, possibly ADH afterwards... anyone have any hints on parking? I know it's going to be hell..

KingBob said...

Parking is easy if you purchase your Atlantic Dance ticket ahead of time from Disney Dining. It includes a parking spot at the Boardwalk.

71 said...

Thank you, King Bob, for keeping the faith and keeping this website going.

Not even a huge EDM fan, but going to check out EPCOT tonight as well--figure it's something to say I did at least once.

DJMadManRay said...

Thanks Bob! Appreciate it...

Anonymous said...

Imagine if Disney would have or still will open Mannequins and bring Mad T Party to PI. Along with Splitsville, DTD would be THE place to go and win back a lot of business from Citywalk. I'm thinking of buying annual pass for 2013 but am waiting to see if Mannequins reopens before I buy the more expensive one that includes the water parks and DTD stuff.

Unknown said...

Hey Bob. I took lots of pics from last night. Epcot and PI. Let me know if you want them for the site. or facebook me (were I put them up already)

KingBob said...

Shawn, thanks for your offer but I took close to 200 myself so I think I'm good! Didn't see you or 71 out there. It was a great show!