Friday, December 14, 2012

PI Update: Splitsville Dancing Update

We recently ran an article expressing concern about how the dance floor at Splitsville would be situated and the possibility that the floor would be located behind the DJ.  Apparently we don't need to worry.  Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter Thommy spoke to Splitsville Friday night resident DJ PopRoXxX about this.  The set-up that was being used for Media Day last week was brought-in only for that event.  Splitsville will have a house DJ/speaker system and some lights all set-up in the area near the bar.  We'll see what he means at next week's opening.


Anonymous said...

I just received my Disney vacation planning DVD and it says there will be dancing at Splittsville. Not sure if this helps but I thought I would pass it along.

ClubMaster said...

Looks Promising, I like it , I like it.

KingBob said...

All information is welcome, thanks!