Monday, December 3, 2012

PI Update: Electrical Work in Mannequins

Something's going on at Mannequins again.  Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter Thommy peeking in the upstairs doors yesterday.....
.....and finding this large used electrical wire spool.  Last month the Blog published a copy of a Construction Permit (Notice of Commencement) that Disney filed with Orange County for Mannequins pertaining to fire prevention work.
Since these kinds of spools are used over and over again, the fact this empty one is still in the building indicates that perhaps the work is not yet finished although the permit did expire November 30th.  Now why an upgrade would be needed for an unused building certainly invites speculation.


Anonymous said...

funny the is no wire on it! and from what was said before Mannequins is used for storage!

zulemara said...

contractors have been seen going in and out of MDP, insiders have confirmed a contract with electricians, and that spool was not there previously. Also the large garage door was left unlocked recently as reported by a security officer. There is definitely activity going on in there. What it means, no one knows, but it's something.

Anonymous said...

well until something opens? then we will know? or maybe we will never know!
like I said and has been said storage. this could be for the work done in AC?

KingBob said...

8TRAX is being used for storage but I don't think Mannequins is.

Anonymous said...

I do not Remember who or it was said BUT it was said that Mannequins was being used for storage!
was said was empty?
was said floor is gone?
was said floor is still in?
was said water was getting in and floor had water damage?
was said now work going on?

KingBob said...

Empty? Yes, although the photos showed what looked like a desk in there. But nothing being stored.

Floor gone? Someone said that, but the only known photos of the inside show the floor still in there.

Floor still in there? Yes, to our knowledge. WTF is someone going to do with a humongous round dance floor!

Water leak? Yes, spotted. No one said it damaged the dance floor. My recollection is that the leak was visible by the upstairs doors.

Work now going on? Yes.

Anonymous said...

but it was said Mannequins was used for storage! at once! or NOW that was never said?
sorry I was not more to the point in asking that!
and it could just be upgrades to the eletrical system on PI! or replacement?