Monday, December 10, 2012

PI Update: Dancing At Splitsville?

Will you be coming out to Splitsville on their opening weekend?  Every Pleasure Island person that I've run into says that they will be there!  Splitsville opens on Wednesday, December 19th which is next week.  They announced during the Media tour that on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights the venue will be adult-only upstairs beginning at 10:30pm.  And they're going to have a DJ on those nights!
Reposting the above picture taken by Blog roving reporter Thommy.  You can see that there is a little nook that was occupied by the DJ.  Will that be the DJ's permanent location?  It looks out over the restaurant but there is no dance floor in that direction unless the restaurant converts into the dance floor. The area behind the DJ booth looks expansive enough to function as a dance floor but would people want to dance behind a DJ facing the opposite way?  Note the portable speakers being used and the lack of any kind of club lighting on the ceiling behind the DJ.  So will there even be dancing?  Someone commented to me that the construction wall signs promised "Live Music" but never promised dancing.  

Well click on this photo to enlarge and check out the yellow sign.  Or the sign below.

Suggest you arrive early.


zulemara said...

I overheard one of the managers speaking to a few people, indicating they were going to make it a fun atmosphere for people, "you know, a little alcohol and a DJ, we'll have some dancing going on"

That's what made me take a 2nd look at that space by the DJ. They did also indicate the possibility for live bands and when pressed on where, indicated they can move several tables to make space for a live band, which means they could also make more space for dancing. He also indicated they are not typically a fan of live indoor bands because the venue is so large and doesn't work well. More likely to have one on the outside patio and bar!

Anonymous said...

Give 'me time. They haven't even opened yet.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Splitsville will pan out, and also inspire them to reopen the clubs at P.I., so they can have alot of fun nightlife from 10:30 to 2:00 for the adults.