Monday, December 10, 2012

Comment Moderation

Save Pleasure Island Blog readers traditionally were able to post Comments freely onto the Blog with immediate posting.  Because we were receiving so much spam in the Comments, it became necessary to implement "Comment Moderation" effective October 2, 2012.  The hope was that the inability of spammers to get through would cause them to quit trying.  But they haven't quit.

The Blog still receives 100-200 pieces of Comment spam every day, mostly from Russia and Ukraine.  In one way the "Comment Moderation" has been successful in that none of the spam gets posted.  But it's tedious work on my part and the moderation has greatly reduced the number of people posting comments.

All of the spam has one thing in common: 100% of it comes from Anonymous posters.  We could eliminate the ability for anyone Anonymous to post a Comment but that's a drastic step.  Instead, we're going to add "Word Verification" effective immediately.  You've likely seen this elsewhere; a word is displayed and you have to type that word into the nearby box.  Nearly all the spam comes from robots and robots can't read. So we're hoping this will stop the spam immediately.  If this is successful then "Comment Moderation" can be turned-off and you'll once again be able to post Comments immediately.  Your understanding and patience is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

ok I understand! but hopefully this can go away soon because I hate this kind of thing and most of the time I will not do it!

KingBob said...

Have gone nearly 24 hours now with ZERO SPAM! The bots can't read "Word Verification". If this trend continues another day or two then Comment Moderation will be eliminated and your Comments will post immediately. Word Verification will continue though.