Sunday, December 9, 2012

Club Reports: Bob Marley's, Red Coconut Club, The Groove, Latin Quarter

                          Go downtown and miss Bob Marley's Island Christmas Celebration?  No way! 
OK, not really. But I did tour CityWalk last night.
Spotted: The Gecko (Pleasure Island)!
Snow flurries in the area last night.  Or is that soap suds?
First stop Red Coconut Club.
The Herb Williams Band has been playing at RCC since January, 2009.  They have a nice new female vocalist though.  The band currently plays on Friday and Saturday nights.
Crowded dance floor.
Up in the control tower, DJ Bacardi spinning mostly Hip Hop and Top 40.
He was playing between band sets and then once the band ended around 12:30am.
Although the music is often quite similar to The Groove, the club has a more upscale Vegas style vibe to it.
Spotted: Roosevelt Disco Duke (8TRAX)
Next it was over to The Groove.
DJ Rage in the booth playing mostly Hip Hop and an occasional House song.
The club was Saturday night packed but it is off-season and the upstairs was closed.
Unlike PI where there was always a large core of regulars every weekend, seems like there is always a different group of people in The Groove
Spotted: DJ Scott King (Motion) and Lisha (Motion)!
Ironically, if you want to hear some EDM at CityWalk you need to go to, of all places, Latin Quarter!
DJ Leony has an EDM mix show on Sirius/XM BPM and on RadioDanz and knows how to spin them!
Between various genres of Latin beats, look-out for his House sets!
The already crowded dance floor then gets crazy-packed!
And at Universal's CityWalk last night, a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Rage likes to play EDM so you might not have stayed long enough in the Groove. Probably depends on the crowd he has to work with.

KingBob said...

I was in The Groove quite often throughout the night but there was only a stray EDM song from time to time. But it's true that I might have missed it.

DJ Bacardi said...

Thanks for stopping by Red Coconut last night. It was nice meeting you. I'm sure we'll see each other again.

KingBob said...

Good to meet you too, DJ Bacardi!